PCB Manufacture
• Quotes turned in four hours or less on request
• CRM system for customers in need of immediate access
• Multinational, experienced professionals to provide technical customer service 
• Door-to-door service with international freight courier services
PCB Assembly
POE provides PCBA assembly, low to medium MASS production volume. Our professional SMT factory has advanced equipment, such as the world-class stencil printing, SMT chip pick & place, solder reflow, and in-line testing and steel mesh manufacturing. AOI test machine and X-ray testing machines for quality check.
Prototype PCBA
POE has 15 BOM list engineers and 22 SMT machine engineers to anaylsis new orders and provide 5-500sets quick turn PCB assembly service with Jukki , Samsung, Panasonic SMT machine with fast lead time and ISO9001 IPC2 advanced high quality
Value-Add Service
POE focus on Multilayer PCBS,high precision and high quality
100% tested before shipping, 99.9% qualified. 
Quick turn Prototype
High-speed PCB Design Services
Component Sourcing
Video & Factory View

Quality Assurance

POE precision Electronics Quality management is with the adoption of 5S, Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma quality systems. Products inspection is strictly conducted in compliance with internationally recognized workmanship standards (IPC-600G classⅡand IPC-6012B classⅡstandard). We are ISO 9001 registered and currently strive for ISO14000 certification. 


We have been testing them, and the results so far are grear. Thank you very much for your great service. we've recieved everything correctly. Thank you Hello, testing is proceeding well. Thank you.


We are satisfied with the last order. You did a great job on making those boards and the lead time is short. The boards look very professionally made and they operate well.

Carl Norman

you have done a perfect assembly! And I congratulate you. I'm advertising you with my clients, but it won't be fast, big companies are pachyderms!

Chrisian Mark

Excellent communication and same professional completion as last time.

Thomas Chris

boards works great. Thank you for the good job.

Rochest Kai

from what we have seen and tested so far I am happy to say we are pleased with the PCBs that you supplied. We are also working on other plugin PCBs that will be part of this project, and once they are ready I will also send to you for quote and samples.

Andrea Semith

thank you! amazing job, my best for you and assembly team. keep you on my top list.

Paul Christopher

Impressive BGA assembly quality.

Natha Thatha

Nice quality and on time.


Hi Abbie
We just received the VOZ IP samples, thank you very much for those present are very beautiful, on the other hand I see that the samples of the plates look good, these days I will be finishing assembling here and testing them.
Again I reiterate my total appreciation for the management carried out.

Finland- Anastasia

Hi Abbie.
 Thats good. I tested about 17 and they all work very well. Seems very good.


Good morning Rae 
POE Team is Great provider, fantastic communication. They have helped us a lot at all times. The best manufacturer without a doubt, I recommend it to everyone.


Hello Rae, 
We are  very satisfied of the work of POE team. 
We hope to continue this good business relationship in future.
Thank you.

Viver Audish,Germany

Dear Joy
Da due anni ci affidiamo a POE-PCBA per PCB e assemblaggio dei componenti. Si sono sempre contraddistinti per prezzi molto concorrenziali, alta velocità ed altissima qualità.
it's two years that we buy from POE-PCBA both PCB and component assembly. Thay have always been characterized by highly competitive prices, high speed and high quality.

Papa Francesco,Italy

Dear Joy, 
Excellent! Thank you very much for your good service.

Ashok From India

Dear Joy,
Excellent! Thank you very much for your good service.

Albert Nissimoff From Brazil

Dear Joy,
We have received everything correctly! Thank you !!
The tests are fine for now.
We are in contact for new orders.

Matias From Argentina

Your board is working like a boss, thanks a lot for help me, good services.

Azri From Malaysia

Hi Joy,
the PCBs arrived and work very well! Thank you for rushing this order :)-

Wolfgan From Germany

I have the pcb boards in my hand, very good!

Aldo From Argentina

thank you very much for the quick quote and for pushing it to the end of next week J
I sent you the money already so you should have it soon

Jakob From Germany

Joining to Sergey, thank you for such a good job. We are pleased with quality and time.
Hope we will encrease our orders for mutual income.

Anastasia Senikovskaya From Finland

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