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PCB Prototype MOQ 1 piece,Lowest 30 USD free Shipping ISO9001:2015:ISO13485:2016:ROHS,UL 94v0,IPC-600G classll and IPC-6012B classll standard
PCB Prototype


POE provides a complete PCB prototyping service. Maybe you are in the early stage of the project, maybe you already have drawings and need PCB manufacturing prototype service, or maybe you need to modify the existing PCB and need prototype service, then you are right to come to us.

We are proud that thousands of excellent PCB designers got their first PCB prototype manufactured by POE. POE has more than 20 years of rich experience in the PCB prototype industry. Honesty to customers and ensuring PCB quality are the keys to our being recognized by customers. We have a professional engineer team, and the copper holes of the manufactured PCBs are guaranteed to be above 25um to ensure the quality. The utilization rate of the board can reach 90%, reducing waste and reducing the total cost of the project, helping customers recover investment costs more quickly.

Layer Prototype Mass production(above 30m2)
2L Quick turm 24 hours; Usual time: 3-4days 6-7days
4L Quick turm 48 hours; Usual time: 6-7days 12days
6L Quick turm 72 hours; Usual time: 8-10days 14-16days
8L Quick turm 72 hours; Usual time: 8-10days 18-20days
10L Quick turm 96 hours; Usual time: 13-15days 25days
............... ............... ...............


The PCB circuit is displayed on the display
⭕ Send POE email for gerber file, Quote within 2hours;
Confirm PO from Customers;
DFM checking and send engineering questions=EQ;
Start Production, Prototype 2-7days depending on layers;

⭕ Worldwide Shipping door to door;
⭕ Feedbacks from Customers, Order complete;


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2. PCB manufacturing service
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3. PCB assembly service
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4. Turnkey PCB service
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5. PCB testing service
All PCB products provided by our company have undergone strict testing, including automatic appearance inspection combined with manual inspection, as well as inner layer inspection, AOI inspection, flying probe test, etc. Once the product is tested If the quality is not enough, the product will be destroyed directly, and all products will be approved once to ensure that the product has 100% quality. > View More

6. PCB customization service
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We are a professional PCB manufacturing factory with 100% dust-free workshop, high-tech and professional production equipment, such as: automatic exposure machine, automatic V-cut machine, AOI equipment, automatic PCB electrical testing machine, three-coordinate measuring machine , impedance analyzer, copper peel strength tester, CNC wiring machine, etc;

We can ensure that customers can buy 100% reliable PCB products at the best quality price, and all products have passed strict tests before leaving the factory. If you have a demand for PCB prototype service, please leave your email to contact us immediately! We will reply within 2 hours and complete the quotation within 4 hours upon request!

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• Provide 24-hour uninterrupted PCB production and online technical support;
• We have no limitation on the number of PCB prototypes, we can accept 1 piece PCB prototype and a large number of PCB prototype orders;
• Fast turnaround service supporting 24-hour express delivery and 24-hour online customer service;
• POE can make various PCB prototypes, including 1-40 layer multilayer boards, flexible boards, rigid boards, rigid-flex boards, HDI, double-sided boards, high-frequency, high-TG, ceramic PCB boards etc;

ISO, UL, ROHS, IPC, SGS certification

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