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Multilayer PCBs have higher circuit density, improved performance and smaller size. Mostly used in consumer electronics, telecommunications, medical equipment, automotive systems, aerospace and defense, industrial automation and control systems, etc.
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Purpose: To assure normal production of mutilayer pcb layer stack
If the customer has a stack up, we try to make it according to the customer's stack up.
If the customer has no overlapping structure, we will sugg-est customer to manufacture the muti-layer PCBs according to our material selection.

  • pcb layer stack
  • Core: also called copper clad laminate, has two types: single-sided copper foil or double-sided copper foil.
  • PP: Prepreg, is used to bond the copper foil and the core in the lamination process.
  • Dielectric thickness: the thickness between copper layers is called dielectric thickness, the thickness of PP after lamination, and the thickness of core plate minus copper thickness.
  • Base copper thickness: the copper thickness before production, the copper foil used for pressing and the copper thickness of the inner core plate are all called base copper thickness (if there are special processes such as thick copper 2oz ,3oz,4oz, it will be quoted separately).
  • Finished copper thickness: the copper thickness of the finished product after production, the thickness of the finished product such as the inner layer after grinding and the outer layer after electroplating surface treatment.
  • Flowing glue: In the layer press process, the thickness reduction for filling the gap between the circuit layer and PP is called flowing glue.
  • Press-fit thickness: The thickness after press-fit and before electroplating is the plate thickness without electroplating, solder resist and surface treatment.
  • Finished thickness: The thickness of finished products, but pay attention to the measuring position of board.
Laminated structure calculation rules
A: Innerlayer core thickness (copper excluded)
B: PP thickness
E: Inner copper foil thickness
F: Outside layer copper foil thickness
X: Finished board thickness
Y: Finished board thickness tolerance
Dfinition of PP: Prepreg, which consists of glass fiber and resin
Definition of PP:

Film type Glue(%) Glue flow(%) Gel time(Sec) Dielectric constant(1MHZ) PP thickness(MIL)
1080 65 35+/-5 155+/-20 3.9 2.8+/-0.5
2116LR 53 26+/-3 140+/-20 4.3 43+/-0.5
2116 55 26+/-3 140+/-20 4.25 45+/-0.5
2116HR 58 26+/-3 140+/-20 4.2 5.0+/-0.5
7628LR 43 22.5+/-5 125+/-20 4.6 7.0+/-0.8
7628 45 22.5+/-5 125+/-20 4.5 7.5+/-0.8
7630HR 50 32+/-5 130+/-30 4.4 8.5+/-1.0

  • You can press 3 PP sheets at most.
  • Thick copper plates over 2oz cannot use single PP sheet.
  • Inter-flow glue of PP: The original thickness of PP will be reduced after pressing, mainly because the glue between PP and PP will be lost.
  • Try not to stack 3 PP sheets, which will easily lead to problems in the alignment of the board and leading to the scrapping of the board.

POE Main Businesses Include:
☞ Mutilayer PCB prototype (24h fast);
☞ 4-40+ layers bare Mutilayer PCB manufacturing (1-50000pcs);
☞ Ordering all components (global sourcing);
☞ Smt & tht pcb assembly (1-50000pcs).
Layer count 1 to 40 layers
Material FR-4, High-Tg FR-4, Rogers, PTFE, Polymide, Aluminum substrate, etc.
Min.Line width
Min.Hole size 0.15mm(mechanical) 0.1mm(laser drilling)
Min.Line spacing 0.076mm/3mil
Copper thickness 1oz-3oz
Board thickness 0.2-7.0mm
Surface finishing HASL with lead, HASL Lead-free, Immersion Gold, OSP, Hard Gold
Finish copper 1-13 oz
Solder mask White, Black
Testing Fly probe testing(free) and AOI testing
Build time
24 hours
Certification ISO9001:2015;ISO13485:2016;ROHS,UL 94v0, IPC-600G classll and IPC-6012B classll standard
How Do I Get Started?
 Send gerber file to;
 Confirm PO from Customer;
 DFM checking and send engineering questions=EQ;
 Start Production, Prototype 2-7days depending on layers;
 Production 1-2 weeks depending on Qty;
 Worldwide Shipping door to door;
 Feedback from Customers, Order complete.

*If you need bare PCB manufacturing + component assembly, then you need to provide gerber file and bom.


Q:Are my PCB Design Files safe when submitting them to you for manufacturing?
A:We respect customer's copyright and will never manufacture PCBs for someone else with your files unless we receive written permission from you, nor we'll share these files with any other 3rd parties.
Q:Do you sign NDA?
Q:Do you handle prototype pcbs or Small Volume pcb production orders?
A:Yes, we can manufacture PCBs in any volume.

Q:What kind of file format can you accept?
A:We can process Gerber RS-274X and ODB++ files.

Q:Can you manufacture my board from this: BMP, GIF, TIFF, JPG picture?
A: No, as these formats do not translate to our PCB Fabrication machinery.

Q:Are your pcbs RoHS Compliant?

Q:What if I am not satisfied with the manufactured pcb?
A:If you encounter any defects or quality issues with the PCB upon receiving it and are unsatisfied, please inform us at We will repair or remake your PCB, and we will respond within 8 hours until you are satisfied.

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Multilayer PCB
Multilayer PCB
Layer: 4 to 40 layers;
Material: FR-4, High-Tg FR-4, Rogers, PTFE, Polymide, Aluminum substrate, etc.
Certification: ISO9001:2015;ISO13485:2016;ROHS,UL 94v0, IPC-600G classll and IPC-6012B classll standard;
POE can quickly provide you with PCB prototype/ small and medium-volume PCB/ PCBA manufacturing. Send your PCB files or BOM list to us and you will get a quote as soon as possible!
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