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Aluminum PCBs, which use a thin layer of aluminum as the substrate instead of traditional fiberglass or ceramic materials. Aluminum PCB is known for its excellent thermal conductivity, which reduces the risk of thermal damage and prolongs the life of the product. In addition, aluminum PCB has excellent mechanical stability and durability, making it resistant to moisture, temperature and vibration, etc. envirnmental factor. Ideal for applications requiring efficient heat dissipation such as high power LED lighting, power supplies, automotive and aerospace industries.

The aluminum substrate consists of three layers: a circuit layer, a dielectric layer and an aluminum base layer. The circuit layer is usually made of copper, while the dielectric layer is made of a thermally conductive material such as polyimide or epoxy. The aluminum base layer provides a solid, flat surface that enables the PCB to attach to the heat sink, enhancing its thermal performance.

If you wish to incorporate aluminum PCBs into your designs, it is essential to work with a reliable and experienced PCB manufacturer who can provide you with high quality products and excellent customer service.
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