Floor care

Floor care
Floor care
In floor care equipment, the PCBs are typically designed to be as small as possible in order to save space, but they must still be able to accommodate all of the necessary components and provide good electrical connections. In addition, the PCBs used in floor care equipment must be able to withstand the harsh environments in which these devices are used, including exposure to dust, water, and other debris.

floor care equipment

POE's PCB can realize the functions in the field of floor care

Vacuum cleaners: Motors, lights, switches, and other components for upright and canister vacuum cleaners.
Floor Polishers: Both manual and electric floor polishers include features for controlling speed, direction of rotation, and more.
Scrubber-dryers: Multi-functions for large floor cleaners, such as scrubbing brushes, vacuum systems, spray systems, and push-button controls.
Carpet cleaners: Both portable and vehicle-mounted carpet cleaners contain functions that require PCBs to control pumps, heaters, and vacuum systems.
Steam Mop: The mop that produces steam has the functions of heating element, temperature, steam output.
Robot Vacuum Cleaner: Modern robot vacuum cleaners require multiple PCBs to control the navigation system, independent wheels, suction motor and charging system.
Sweepers: Both hand and ride-on sweepers include control panels that control functions such as brush height adjustment, suction system, and travel speed.
Polishers: Manual and automatic floor polishers use PCBs to regulate motor speed, control pads, battery charging, and other systems.
Mop Wringers: The features of electric and manual mop wringers allow for functions such as controlled wringing action, safety switches and error detection.
These functions require high-quality PCB manufacturing and assembly to achieve.

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