PCB Assembly Prototype

PCB Assembly Prototype
PCB Assembly Prototype

At POE, we have been recognized by customers all over the world for our integrity and 100% high-quality printed circuit board assembly. The services we provide include: PCB Assembly Prototype/ Quick Turnaround Time/ Small Volume Production/ SMT and THT Assembly/ Component Sourcing/ Design for Manufacturability (DFM) Review/ Testing and Inspection/ Design Changes and Iteration

We understand that the speed of product development directly impacts your time to market, revenue, and ability to stay ahead of the competition. That's why we provide the world's fastest PCB assembly prototype services for electrical engineers and hardware startups looking to accelerate product innovation.
Our end-to-end approach encompasses everything from quick-turn PCB fabrication to complex prototype assembly, testing, design optimization, and supply chain support. Engineers leverage our expertise, technologies, and resources to rapidly iterate functional circuit prototypes that expose issues early, optimize designs for manufacturability, and prove product concepts before mass production. This iterative prototyping process lies at the heart of accelerated product development.

We support rapid PCB assembly prototyping:

PCB Assembly Prototype <20pcs (8 hours)
Small Volume 20-100pcs (12 hours)
Medium Volume 100-1000 (24 hours)
Mass Production >1000 (Depends on BOM)

Quick-Turn PCB Fabrication

Our PCB fabrication lines can produce initial prototype boards within 3 to 5 days.
We offer a wide range of PCB technologies including:
• Standard FR-4 and high-frequency laminates
• Flex and rigid-flex boards
• Thick copper and high-density interconnect
• 2-40 layer board capabilities
• Component stuffing and conformal coating

Complex PCB Assembly Prototype

Our assembly technicians employ the latest techniques to rapidly populate even the most complex designs. Our capabilities include:
• 01005 and QFN component handling
• Flip chip, BGA and parallel gap welding
• Cable assembly, wire harnessing
• Optics and sensor module integration
• Full turnkey box build and system assembly

Testing and Validation

Our ISO 9001 certified lab offers a comprehensive suite of testing services:
• Functional testing - verifying circuit operation
• Environmental testing - thermal cycling, humidity, vibration
• Lifecycle testing - accelerated life testing
• EMI/EMC - ensuring compliance
• Optoelectronic testing - characterizing LEDs, optical sensors
• Mechanical testing - shear, bend, impact and torque analysis

Design for Excellence (DFx)

Our engineering teams conduct DFx reviews that include:
• Design for Manufacturability (DFM) - identifies layout optimizations
• Design for Testability (DFT) - improves visibility and controllability
• Design for Supply Chain (DFSC)- reduces parts, costs and lead times

Supply Chain Sourcing and Inventory Management

We leverage our extensive component inventory and relationships with top suppliers to source critical components. Our total inventory value exceeds $10 million to support rapid prototyping and initial production runs.

Project Management Excellence

Each prototyping program is assigned a dedicated project manager to coordinate fabrication, assembly, testing and optimization. They track milestones, manage budgets, identify risks and escalate issues to ensure projects stay on schedule.
POE to unleash your product innovations through accelerated PCB assembly prototype services that transform design concepts into functioning prototypes in the fastest time possible. Let's discuss how we can help move your next hardware product from prototype to production. How to get a free quote before placing an order, To get a quote for prototype assembly please send the following documents to joy-sales@poe-pcba.com

1. BOM List
2. Gerber files
3. Quantities to build
4. Pick place file

We will reply you within two hours, and complete the quotation within four hours or even less upon request, contact us now to start your new project!

Why choose POE?

1. Complete turnkey full PCB assembly for prototypes from 1 to 25 boards (From PCB Prototype-Component Sourcing-Board Assembly) kitting components or consignment purchase of parts are all ok, no MOQ. Turnkey price = manual PCB assembly cost + bare PCB manufacturing cost + component cost only (no any component cost or any handling fee)

2. Flexibility: Combination of automatic and manual part loading stations: We can also easily handle high-density FR-4, FPC, rigid-flex fine-pitch components and BGA.

3. The POE procurement team has close long-term cooperation and connections with many component distributors around the world, such as Digi-Key, Mouser, Electronics, Avnet, Arrow Electronics, Future, Newark, so we can get the best price And speed to complete all the components required by customers! To achieve a one-stop solution for PCB assembly, customers no longer need to contact other component manufacturers.

4. Optimized quantity selection for packaging (cut tape, tubing, bulk, etc.) and smaller Bill of Materials (BOM) to reduce total cost.

5. POE is capable of cross-referencing parts, including hard-to-find and obsolete items. All parts are identified using the part number and manufacturer specified in the BOM and will not be altered without your express approval.

6. Testing and inspection services ensure the functionality and quality of customers' PCB assembly prototypes. All PCB assembly prototypes will undergo functional testing, In-Circuit Test (ICT) and Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) to ensure that the assembled PCB operates as expected with 100% reliability guaranteed.

7. Quck Turn & One time Delivery:
1-2 days for assembly (usually lead time)
7 days (quick turn full turnkey PCB assembly lead time)
12-15 days (Common Full turnkey PCB assembly leadtime)

8.24*7 hours customer and technical service

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