PCB Manufacturing

1-40 layers rigid PCB, flex PCB, rigid-flex, multilayer PCB, HDI PCB, aluminum PCB, double layer PCB, thick copper PCB, high frequency PCB , High TG PCB, Ceramic PCB, CEM-1 PCB small batch, large Batch PCB manufacturing.
PCB Manufacturing
PCB Manufacturing


With more than 20 years of PCB manufacturing experience, POE provides complete PCB manufacturing services, from idea to manufacturing to final product shipment. Whether you have a new idea to realize, or need to manufacture an existing drawing, we can provide a complete PCB service and guarantee 100% PCB reliability.

We produce small/medium/large quantities of 1-40 layer printed circuit boards, including rigid PCB, flex PCB, rigid-flex, multilayer PCB, HDI PCB, aluminum PCB, double layer PCB, thick copper PCB, high frequency PCB , High TG PCB, Ceramic PCB, CEM-1 PCB.

Layer Prototype Mass production(above 30m2)
2L Quick turm 24 hours; Usual time: 3-4days 6-7days
4L Quick turm 48 hours; Usual time: 6-7days 12days
6L Quick turm 72 hours; Usual time: 8-10days 14-16days
8L Quick turm 72 hours; Usual time: 8-10days 18-20days
10L Quick turm 96 hours; Usual time: 13-15days 25days
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We can produce single-sided, double-sided PCBs with various materials, surface treatments and solder mask colors to meet your specific requirements.

POE's advanced manufacturing capabilities allow us to produce multilayer PCBs of up to 40 layers, ensuring we can meet the demands of the most complex projects.

Offers flexible and rigid-flex PCBs for applications requiring increased durability and flexibility, such as wearables and aerospace systems.

The POE team has expertise in fabricating high frequency PCBs, which are critical for applications such as telecommunications, automotive radar systems and advanced medical equipment.

Our in-house design team can help you create a custom PCB layout tailored to your specific needs, ensuring your board performs at its best and complies with all necessary standards and requirements.

Design for Manufacturability (DFM)
We provide DFM analysis to identify any potential issues with your design before manufacturing begins, saving you time and money by avoiding costly rework and delays.

Our rapid PCB prototyping service allows you to test your design before going into full production, ensuring any necessary modifications can be made before manufacturing begins.
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Min. Line Width
Min. Hole Size
0.15mm(mechanical) 0.1mm(laser drilling)
Min. Line Spacing
Copper Thickness
Base Material
Aluminum, FR4, Flex, Flex-rigid, HDI, Rogers
Board Thickness
Surface Finishing
HASL with leads, HASL Lead-free, Immersion gold, OSP, Hard Gold
Finish Cooper
Solder Mask
Green, Red, Yellow, Blue, White, Black, Purple, Matte Black, Matte green
White, Black
Fly Probe Testing (Free) and A.O.I. testing
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The PCB circuit is displayed on the display
⭕ Send POE email for gerber file, Quote within 2hours;
Confirm PO from Customer;
DFM checking and send engineering questions=EQ;
Start Production, Prototype 2-7days depending on layers;
Production 1-2 weeks depending on Qty;

⭕ Worldwide Shipping door to door;
⭕ Feedback from Customers, Order complete;


POE has more than 20 years of PCB assembly experience and is a professional PCB manufacturing and assembly factory. We have professional engineers to provide customers with a complete solution from PCB manufacturing to final PCB assembly. POE can help customers bring electronic products to market by producing high quality, reliable PCB assemblies that meet customer specifications and requirements. Contact us now to start your new project!

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• Support quick turn PCB manufacturing;
• Evaluation of Gerber files prior to production;
100% quality assurance of PCB products, on-time delivery rate of 98%;
No minimum order quantity;
24*7 hours online customer service;
• Quotes can be completed in four hours or less upon request;
A CRM system for customers who need immediate access;
• Multinational and experienced professionals provide 24-hour technical customer service;
Door-to-door service of international freight express service;
• Conform to IPC, implement ISO9001, ISO13485, 5S and 6Q standards;
• Support government programs;

ISO, UL, ROHS, IPC, SGS certification

Years of Experience
Sq.m PCB Capacity
Covering Countries
Components of 100+ Suppliers

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