Conformal coating

Conformal coating
Conformal coating

At POE, coating technologies form an essential part of how we protect every circuit board we produce for our customers. We apply a wide range of conformal, potting, conductive and other coating types to defend our customers' PCBs against moisture, extreme temperatures, chemicals, EMI, vibration and other threats. Using decades of experience, automated equipment and rigorous processes, our coating services ensure the maximum reliability and longevity for the circuit boards we build.

Conformal coating service

Coating Types
• Conformal for moisture, dust, chemical and abrasion protection
• Potting compounds to protect components from vibrations and temperatures
• Conductive for EMI shielding, static dissipation and corrosion prevention
• Conversion to prepare surfaces for bonding, soldering and painting
• Solder masks to define solder lands and prevent bridging Processes
Our key coating processes:
• Automated spray or dip systems for high throughput and uniform thickness
• Nitrogen-purged spray booths for assemblies with moisture-sensitive parts
• Curing ovens that precisely cure coatings
• Chemical etching to increase coating adhesion
• Barcode scanning for 100% traceable coating
Benefits of Our Coating Services
Our high-volume coating lines allow us to apply coatings faster and more efficiently than most PCB manufacturers.
Cost Savings
By coating high volumes of PCBs for multiple customers, we benefit from economies of scale that lower your per-unit coating costs.
Our validated coating processes, experienced technicians and automated QC checks help produce consistently high-quality, defect-free coated PCBs.
Rapid Turnaround
Our flexible coating capacity enables quick coating of samples and prototypes to support your new product development cycles.
Adhesion Testing
We perform standardized tests on coated PCBs to verify coating integrity before shipment - catching issues early.
Why choose poe?

• Our extensive experience coating and protecting PCBs
• Range of quality certifications
• Flexible capacity to meet your needs
• Track record of success with complex coating requirements
• Rigorous coating application and QA testing processes
• Technicians trained in all coating technologies
• Commitment to driving continuous improvements that benefit you directly
Please contact us to discuss your specific PCB coating needs - from simple conformal coatings to advanced shielding and encapsulation. Our team is ready to develop customized solutions that meet your requirements for quality, cost and service.
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