PCB Assembly Service

PCB fabrication, ordering all components, PCB assembly, testing, packaging and final shipment
PCB Assembly Service

POE has more than 20 years of PCB assembly experience and is a professional PCB manufacturing and assembly factory. We have professional engineers to provide customers with a complete solution from PCB manufacturing to final PCB assembly. POE can help customers bring electronic products to market by producing high quality, reliable PCB assemblies that meet customer specifications and requirements. 

PCB assembly is a critical step in the production of electronic devices, such as computers, smartphones, and home appliances. The quality of the assembly process can significantly impact the reliability and performance of the final product. As such, it is important to work with a reputable PCB assembly service provider that has a strong track record of producing high-quality assemblies.

poe pcb assembly service

Our comprehensive PCB assembly capabilities include:

•Component sourcing and procurement for BOM build up
•Stencil design and manufacturing
•Precision solder paste screen printing
•High- accuracy surface mount placement ( >90%)
•Reflow profile programming and soldering
•Through-hole component manual insertion and wave soldering
•Automated/manual optical inspection (AOI/SPI)
•In-circuit and functional testing
•Conformal coating
•Kitting and packaging
•Custom and standard mechanical enclosures
•Material sourcing for manufacturing requirements
•Logistics and fulfillment
•Global supply chain management

Each assembled PCB undergoes strict quality inspections to achieve the highest product reliability. Our multiple checkpoints catch defects early to minimize rework and reduce costs. We only ship 100% fully-functional and specification-compliant products.We treat each PCB as if it were our own.

POE offers turnkey PCB assembly services in prototype quantities and low to medium volume production runs. We handle the entire process including: PCB fabrication, ordering all components, PCB assembly, testing, packaging and final shipment. We are able to assemble BGA, Micro BGA, QFN and other leadless package parts.

pcb assembly

✔ PCBA Prototype <20pcs: 8 hours
Small Volume 20-100pcs: 12 hours
 Medium Volume 100-1000: 24 hours
Mass Production >1000: Depends on BOM

Complete turnkey full PCB assembly for prototypes from 1 to 25 boards (From PCB Prototype-Component Sourcing-Board Assembly) kitting components and consignment purchase of parts are all ok, no MOQ. Turnkey price = manual PCB assembly cost + bare PCB manufacturing cost + component cost only (no any component cost or any handling fee)

With our PCB assembly service, you will benefit from:
•Hassle-free management of your entire assembly process
•One simple invoice for all assembly costs
•No minimum order quantities for prototypes
•Rapid turnaround for urgent sample requests
•Flexibility—we adapt our processes for your specific requirements.
•Superior quality, reliability and customer service
•Strict quality control and testing at every stage
•Personalized project management and support
We offer competitive pricing tailored to your specific needs, whether you require a handful of prototype PCBs and high-volume production. Contact us today to discuss your next electronic product and we'll provide a free, no-obligation proposal outlining our recommended assembly strategy and cost estimates based on your BOM and requirements.
We look forward to being your long-term manufacturing partner, guiding you from the earliest prototype build through full commercialization and global production. Let us take care of the complex details so you can focus on designing innovative new products that change the world.

Display PCB assembly design on computer
⭕ Send POE email for gerber file and BOM
⭕ POE team quote within 1-3days depends on qty
Get your PO and arrange payment
Arrange bare PCB and BOM parts sourcing

Assembly when bare PCB and BOM ready in 2-7days
Delivery worldwide by air or by sea quickest 2days (DDP,EXW,CIF,FOB)


The POE procurement team has close long-term cooperation and connections with many component distributors around the world, such as Digi-Key, Mouser, Electronics, Avnet, Arrow Electronics, Future, Newark, so we can get the best price and speed to complete all the components required by customers! To achieve a one-stop solution for PCB assembly, customers no longer need to contact other component manufacturers.

To get a free quote before placing an order, To get a quote for PCB assembly please send the following documents to joy-sales@poe-pcba.com

1. BOM List;
2. Gerber files;
3. Quantities to build;
4. Pick a location file;

The PCB assembly services provided by POE cover various fields, including one-stop PCB manufacturing and assembly services for Internet of Things, Automobile, Cloud, Telecommunications, Consumer Electronics, Lifestyle, Medical Healthcare, Industry, Printing and other fields.

Fields of PCB assembly application

1. Surface Mount Technology (SMT) Assembly;
2. Through Hole Technology (THT) Assembly;
3. Mixed technology assembly (SMT & THT);
4.BGA PCB assembly;
5. Design for Manufacturability (DFM) Review & Design for Test (DFT) Review;
6. Box Build Assembly: Box build assembly refers to the complete assembly of the finished product, which may include PCB assembly, mechanical assembly, and finished product testing;
7. Turnkey PCB assembly manufacturing: Turnkey manufacturing is a complete end-to-end service, from PCB manufacturing, global component procurement, PCB assembly, packaging and transportation to one-stop solutions for customers;
8. Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Services: OEM services involve manufacturing products to specifications provided by the customer. This includes PCB assembly, testing and final product assembly;
9. Testing and inspection: Testing and inspection services ensure the functionality and quality of PCB assemblies, including functional testing, in-circuit testing (ICT) and automated optical inspection (AOI);
Printer PCB assembly
Security inspection machine PCB assembly
Smart knife and fork PCB assembly


Contact us now to start your new project!

poe pcb manufacruring

1.4000+Customers from 200+Countries and regions;
2.4Branch Companies ( USA,Germany, Russia and China);
3.Supply Chain Components Warehouse (HK, Singapore, Shenzhen, China);
4.4SMT lines to ensure mass production day and night, 3 shifts working time;
Smallest SMT components size can reach to 0201,capable of 0.6mm*0.3mm ~ 50mm*50mmQFP, 0.15mm gap, ±0.05 accuracy, Daily capacity can reach to 11,000,000 millions components;
5.Fast BOM quote: Complete turnkey quote in 4 hours;
6.Handling everything in one streamlined process, all services under one roof, so you get the benefit of working with us on one timeline versus 3 or 4 companies and 3 or 4 timelines;
7.You Benefit From Our Global Sourcing Resources: POE deals with thousands of parts every week; we have electronic components inventory and a dedicated procurement team;

ISO, UL, ROHS, IPC, SGS certification

Years of Experience
Sq.m PCB Capacity
Covering Countries
Components of 100+ Suppliers

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