POE Solar PCBA suppliers

POE PCB Board Company is a company that designs and makes PCB’s (Printed Circuit Boards), they are part of the POE Group Corporation Limited. POE Precision Electronics are the cutting edge of specialized electronic manufacturing. What is a PCB? A PCB is a Printed Circuit Board, this board will connect all of your component with conductive tracks, attachments and inserts, depending on its purpose the board can be designed and made to suit various needs. A PCB can be found in most electrical goods such as cameras, DVD Players, games consoles and will be in any household laptop or PC, helping to electrically connect all of the components, without them these devices simply would not work.
Solar inverter PCBA
A PCB can vary in size and purpose, from a small single sided PCB to a multi-layered board with dozens of connects and dual sided copper conductive tracks. POE Precision Electronics offer it all, from design, manufacture, testing and delivery. POE has been praised by customers for it’s brilliant one-stop’ style of business and brilliant turn around on orders, help and advice.
Mainly working with manufacturers of consumer electronics and other medium-sized manufacturers, they have built up a strong, returning customer base from their hard work and excellent service and quality.
POE PCB is on of the leading manufacturers of PCB Boards in China, with their dedication to delivering the most high-quality PCB products to suit the needs of the customer. With their years of experience making, designing and working with PBC’s, POE PCB can offer you all the help and advice you need to make sure you get the product you need that will work the best for you and make your processes and simple and easy as possible.
POE PCB Board Company are also a Solar PCBA suppliers, offering a variety of these products to suit your needs and requirements, if you are not sure which one you need, just get in touch with our team and we will be able to advise you on your requirements and your best option.
POE Solar PCBA suppliers has invested in providing the most professional and high quality finish on your products. For solar inverter PCBA, we are using the best machinery to make this possible and putting each product through strenuous quality testing. They offer a list of services for your PCB assembly, Surface Mount Technology, Pin Through-hole Assembly, Selective Wave Soldering, Conformal Coating ,RoHS, Complete box build and a variety of visual and electronic tests and checks to ensure your PCB works to a high standard.