POE PCBA company in Shenzhen For High Quality Electronic Manufacturing Services

POE PCBA Company in Shenzhen is renowned for its proficiency in electronic manufacturing services (or EMS). And his is no wonder; this company, established in 1996 in Shenzen is a branch of POE Group Corporation Limited. The company focuses on the following: PCB Manufacture, PCB Assembly. Prototype PCBA, Value Add Service as highlighted below.
PCB Manufacture
Customers seeking high quality PCB manufacture find solace at POE PCBA Company in Shenzhen. 
POE PCBA Company in Shenzhen has proven to be an undisputed leader in providing High tech PCB products that range from FR4PCBs, HBDI PCBs, Aluminum PCBs, Multilayer PCBs, and Rogers PCBs to Gold Finger PCBs. POE PCBA Company in Shenzhen offers a one-stop service to meet and exceed customer expectations in resolving technology challenges at the most affordable cost. In doing this, customers get the advantage of maximal value as the company focuses on the challenges and demands of its customers and provides competitive PCB services and products.
PCB Assembly
The company offers PCBA assembly ranging from low to medium mass production. With advanced, state of the art equipment that includes top-notch stencil-printing, solder flow, SMT chip pick & place among others. Professional staffs at the POE PCBA Company in Shenzhen deliver high quality results in the following areas of PCB assembly:
  • Surface Mount Technology
  • RoHS
  • Conformational box build
  • Pin Through-hole Assembly
  • Selective Wave Soldering
  • Inspection Methods
  • Complete box build
Prototype PCBA
Customers in need of this service are assured of fast PCB Assembly. You can count on the company’s 15 BOM list engineers plus the 22 SMT machine engineers to do fast analysis of your order and provide up to 5-500 sets quick PCB assembly with Samsung, Jukki and Panasonic SMT machine. Adherence ISO9001 IPC2 ensures the products and services meet the highest international standards. 
 Value Add Service
Customers of the POE PCBA Company in Shenzhen get the benefit of fast PCB. POE focuses on Multilayer PCBS, high quality and high precision to deliver the best results. With this in mind the customer is assured of quick turn prototype with 24 hours turnaround time for double sides PCB, 2to 4 days turnaround for anything up to ten layers while those with over en layers can be developed in a record one week. What’s more is that the company prides in a production capacity of over 8000 part numbers each month. Major quick service guaranteed, you get quotes in 2 hours or less upon request, there is a CRM system in place for customers when need immediate access and the best part is the door to door service that makes use of reputable international freight courier services such as DHL, UPS, EMS, Fedax as well as a host of other local carriers.
Every customer in search of Electronic Manufacturing Services will find the POE PCBA Company in Shenzhen to be the perfect and caring partner.