Quick Facts About The PCB Assembly Manufacturer And The Process

PCBs Alice Printed Circuit Boards are primarily used to hold the electronic-components to provide a mechanical means of holding them in the space and to connect them together electrically. As PCB assembly manufacturer we provide a complete electronic manufacturing service from our brand new comprehensive facilities. 

Our specialist area is in the prototyping and development of high quality low to medium volume PCB products to precise customer specification. We offer a multitude of operations and services design. Our highly knowledgeable personnel have much experience in many design related issues making the difference in producing successful products.

As a PCB Assembly Manufacturer we work closely with the design house for designs that are still at the pre-board layout stage procurement. We offer a complete or tailored procurement service. We source the components saving our customers delivery schedule stock management concerns. Our procurement service means that the customer not only benefits from our network of trusted and reliable suppliers but also ensures that the process runs smoothly and completed products are delivered on time. All components used by us are fully traceable via our MRP system. Through PCB Assembly Manufacturer supply chain we ensure all items can be traced back to the source.

As PCB Assembly Manufacturer we do extensive surface mount and through-hole assembly facilities which enable us to offer a capacity of over 25,000 placements per hour. Our lower volume assembly work is hand soldered by our dedicated and skilled workforce with higher volumes being put through our machine. Final box build and cable assembly service provide our customers with a final product assembly service.

No other PCB Assembly Manufacturer do the testing process like we do. From simple enclosures to complex multifaceted units comprising of PCBs cables and metalwork all of which has been fully tested to our customer requirements. Inspection and testing are carried out by our AOI final inspection machine utilizing automated visual inspection of PCBs. This is complemented with manual examination using high magnification microscopes and magnifiers test we can offer bespoke ICT test or in process testing plus post assembly black box functional testing as per customer request.

As a PCB Assembly Manufacturer we offer a full project support solution which includes a highly responsive and rapid turnaround surface from standard four weeks down to 24 hours. As an ISO approved supplier we always strive to improve processes and to ensure high-quality standards are maintained throughout all stages of production. We always welcome audits so for ready to use fully tested and exceptionally manufactured products delivered on time and at competitive prices.

We take pride in being the best PCB assembly manufacturer in the industry. We provide excellent service at very competitive price. Call us today, and we would assist your from there.