Multilayer PCB

Multilayer PCB refers to a printed board with more than two layers. It is composed of connecting wires on several layers of insulating substrates and pads for assembling and welding electronic components. The role of insulation between. In layman's terms, multilayer PCB boards are actually formed by laminating and bonding several etched single-sided or double-sided boards.
Application advantages of multilayer PCB circuit boards:
1. High assembly density, small size and light weight, meeting the needs of light and miniaturization of electronic equipment;
2. Due to the high assembly density, the wiring between the components (including components) is reduced, the installation is simple, and the reliability is high;
3. Due to the repeatability and consistency of the graphics, the errors in wiring and assembly are reduced, and the maintenance, debugging and inspection time of the equipment is saved;
4. The number of wiring layers can be increased, thereby increasing design flexibility;
5. It can form a circuit with a certain impedance, and can form a high-speed transmission circuit;
6. Circuit, magnetic circuit shielding layer can be set, and metal core heat dissipation layer can also be set to meet the needs of special functions such as shielding and heat dissipation.
However, the more layers, the higher the cost, the longer the processing cycle, and the more troublesome quality inspection.
With the continuous development of electronic technology and the continuous improvement of electronic equipment requirements in computer, medical, aviation and other industries, circuit boards are developing in the direction of shrinking volume, reducing quality and increasing density. Due to the limitation of available space, single- and double-sided printed boards have been impossible to achieve a further increase in assembly density. Therefore, it is necessary to consider the use of multilayer PCB boards with a higher number of layers and a higher assembly density. Multilayer PCB boards have been widely used in the manufacture of electronic products with their flexible design, stable and reliable electrical performance and superior economic performance.
Here are some of our Multilayer PCB samples: