Double layer PCB

What is a Double layer PCB
Double layer PCB is an extension of single sided PCB. When single layer wiring cannot meet the needs of electronic products, Double layer PCB should be used. A PCB board has two sides, the top layer and the bottom layer. This is the Double layer PCB board. The Double layer PCB board is a double sided copper-clad PCB board. The Double layer PCB board has copper-clad wires and traces on both sides, and the lines between the two layers can be connected through via holes to form the required network connection.
Double layer PCB has higher density and do not require any point-to-point soldering. They can be used in Vending machines,LED lighting, Car dashboards, Phone systems,Industrial controls, etc.
Advantages of Double layer PCB:
1. They make it relatively easy to add conductive paths on the board, which means you will have a PCB that better suits your needs
2. Since both sides of them are conductive, a large number of ICs and components can be assembled at any time
3. There is an extra layer, so you can add more components as needed
4. Have more space and flexible design, which means you are more likely to have a PCB that suits your requirements
5. Double layer PCB is ideal for demanding applications and advanced electronic products
6. If necessary, you can reduce the size of the circuit board, because you can use double-sided
7. This type of PCB may save you money because you may only need to use one board
8. Double layer PCB can be used in many different applications and electronic products. In other words, they are ideal for a wide range of industries