Factory View

POE is a Leading manufacturer and service provider for Printed Circuit Board Industry in China.
POE has invested heavily in the world's most advanced modern manufacturing and test equipment and software, from United States, Japan, Germany, Israel, Italy and Taiwan. We manufacture high-level HDI PCB’s, high frequency PCB’s, high TG PCB’s, Rogers PCB’s, flex and rigid-flex PCB’s, along with other high-tech products.
POE passed all ISO-9001 quality system certification and UL certifications, 100% AOI on-line inspection and electrical testing.
POE is specialised in QTA delivery and is considered a global leader. Our average lead time is leading the world based on our customer's expectations. In early 2010, the varieties of product exceed 10,000 per month, leading the world. Based on its scale advantage and the good cooperation, the company establishes a long-term stable relationship with the world's leading express and logistics companies, offering fast and high quality services to as customers around the world.
POE have 2 factories, and now is developing the 3rd one in innerland China to avoid high-cost labors, in Order to provide customers lowest price consistantly. To Assure POE leading PCB manufacturer position in China. Our principle is : “lowest price, longest cooperation relationship”.